Welcome to the Musclehead Gym.


I’m Chris,

a mature strength trainer,
power lifter and member of North American Strongman.

This is the new site for my strength training Blog.

I keep a lot of different gym-related things on here.

cropped-5a.jpgYou’ll find tips on workouts,
gym etiquette,
anabolic and cutting diets,

And almost anything else having to do with exercise and fitness.

I train people over 40 how to build and keep muscle, strength, and overall health….

But, I think the same principles will work for anybody- at any age.

I also spend a lot of time teaching people the roles of food, nutrients, and supplements
can play in accomplishing one’s personal goals.

This blog is an attempt to encourage and motivate people to get healthy and strong….


But also it allows me an outlet to express myself, and I enjoy that aspect as well.

I welcome submissions and comments.

And, if you have specific questions,

I’ll certainly be happy to try and answer them for you.

Email me at carolinamuscle@outlook.com.




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