Mens Health and Soy Products


I’m really tired of watching lie after lie being told in pursuit of the Almighty Buck;

—- and, this lie –
well, it really gets my goat,
not just because it’s SO BLATANT,
but because it reinforces and speeds up the trend toward the demasculinization of American men.

You’ve seen the commercial; a smartly dressed cow in a business suit reaches for his breakfast, when he realizes that his 2% has been replaced with something called ‘Soy Milk’. He protests- meekly, and is told- by his also smartly dressed, but much more intelligent and well-informed (not to mention dominant) cowess (is that a word?) of a wife- that Soy ‘Milk’ is delicious and nutritious and healthy and HE’S FREAKIN’ DRINKIN IT.

Oh what a happy domestic scene.

Notwithstanding, that is,
(…… Except for the talking bovine in a business suit part….)

First of all, you can’t MILK a soybean;
it’s no more MILK than Rosie O’Whatsername is a Certified Etiquette Instructor.

It’s obtained by soaking and mashing soybeans up and packaging the watery residue as something a lot fancier than watery residue of what in many other countries is used for nothing but FERTILIZER.

And just to keep our facts straight, it will, from hereon be referred to in this blog as what it is: “SOY RESIDUE”.

But PROFITABLE?? Oh man, just imagine how much overhead you WOULDN’T have, and profit you would, if you could just soak your old gym socks, squeeze em out, and sell the watery residue as a HEALTHY alternative to milk.

Whoo Boy! And it’d probably TASTE a whole lot better than Soy Residue.

Which reminds me; Soy Rez doesn’t taste GOOD; it tastes just like you’d imagine a watery residue of a plant used as fertilizer would taste like. AWFUL. And it doesn’t make a good replacement for milk, it’s too runny and biley.

So, let’s see now… it ain’t MILK, it doesn’t taste good, it’s NOT nutritious… soy intake blocks calcium and causes a deficiency of vitamin D, both of which are needed for strong bones.

…… what’s left? Oh yeah…. and this is the one that REALLY GETS ME; it’s the complete opposite of HEALTHY.

Here’s just a few of the “HEALTHY” aspects of Soy Residue:

Soy products contain dangerous levels of various toxins ranging from phytates, (which block the body’s uptake of minerals) ; isoflavones (phytoestrogens) like genistein and daidzein, which ape, block and replace the hormone estrogen; enzyme inhibitors, which slow down protein breakdown; and hemagluttin, which encourages the clumping of red blood cells, and suppressing oxygen uptake.

Dependence in vegetarians on soy products puts them at serious risk of dietary deficiencies, including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and especially zinc– because of its levels of phytic acid, which blocks the absorption of essential minerals in the digestive tract. To reduce these effects of a high-phytate diet, one would have to do as the Japanese, and consume lots of meat or fish with tiny bits of soy.

It’s not widely known but soy is actually the second most common allergen, while only less than 2 percent of the population is allergic to cows’ milk. ( of those, two-thirds will also be intolerant to soymilk) .

Soy protein isolate is made by acid-washing in aluminum tanks, so it is also high in aluminum.

No wonder it tastes bad.

More? Soy depresses thyroid function- a Japanese study in 1991 found that only about 30g of soy a day can trigger an astronomical increase in thyroid-stimulating hormone, thus, increased chance of goiter, hypothyroidism, and auto-immune thyroid disease.

A study of babies born to high soy consuming mothers showed that infant boys had a five times greater risk of hypospadia, a birth defect of the penis. Phytoestrogen rich-foods, especially soy, during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy can also cause damage to the fetus’s developing brain,

“Soy-fed babies are taking part in ‘a large, uncontrolled and basically unmonitored human infant experiment”, said Daniel Sheehan, director of the FDA’s National Center for Toxicological Research, in 1998.

A newborn baby’s sole food is the milk it drinks: a soy-fed baby receives the equivalent of five birth control pills’ worth of estrogen every day, according to Mike Fitzpatrick. These babies’ isoflavone levels were found to be from 13,000 to 22,000 times higher than in non-soy fed infants. and —- Why would you give this stuff to a BABY BOY???

Hey, guys… imagine what this stuff does to your T-Levels… I guess maybe that explains the dominant cowess in the commercial, huh?

The phytoestrogen overload in soy-fed male babies cause double the risk of thyroid abnormalities and retarded physical development, while girls risk early puberty (1 per cent of girls now show signs of puberty, such as breast development or pubic hair, before the age of three) and infertility.

Diabetes, changes in the central nervous system, infantile leukemia, extreme emotional behavior, asthma, immune system problems, and pituitary insufficiency have also been linked to the early consumption of these isoflavones and other toxins in soy. .

A 2005 study on Japanese-Americans living in Hawaii showed that men who had ate tofu twice or more a week had ‘accelerated brain ageing’, and more than twice the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia… and they looked five years older than those men who didn’t.

In 1996, a cancer study showed women eating soy had an increased risk of epithelial hyperplasia, and in 1997, genistein (a toxin in soy) was also found to stimulate human breast cells to enter the cell cycle.

Now, the even BADDER news: you can hardly avoid being exposed to this crap, even if you can ignore the cute TV cows….

Sure, you can stop eating the obvious candidates such as soy milk and tofu…………………………………………………………… ,

— but soy is also found in breakfast cereals, ice cream, convenience foods such as hamburgers, fish fingers, hot dogs and lasagna, as well as all types of baked goods from cakes and biscuits to tortillas and bread.

You’ll have to read labels carefully, and eat organic processed foods wherever possible.

Of course, if you’re with the pro-soy lobby, you might respond: ” in the US, a quarter of the population has been fed infant soy formula for 30 to 40 years, with no adverse health problems. So why should I worry?”


Scientists are only just beginning to research and understand the harmful long-term effects that eating large quantities of soy can have on the human body. As researchers Fallon and Enig wrote: ‘The industry has known for years that soy contains many toxins. At first they told the public that the toxins were removed by processing. Then they claimed that these substances were beneficial.’

Sounds like the BIG MONEY will be getting out THEIR BIG SPIN-GUNS.

GEEZ.. can’t somebody stand up for the truth once in a while?



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