how goes my training


I had all intentions of running this site like my muscleheaded one, and dedicated to training issues, but it doesn’t seem to coming together that way…

With no readership, I guess I might was well just run it as a training journal.

I’ll keep bringing my info posts over from the other gym site until I’m caught up… there’s not too many of them left I care about.


I’ve been experimenting with improving my stamina and power on lifts.

I can push past my normal rep exhaustion point on presses by sucking on these chewable Glutamine tabs while I work… I’ve actually gotten to the point where I feel like I can add a full set more without completely washing out.

Sometimes it’s hard to know, of course, how much is the Glutamine, and how much is placebo effect and mind frame.

I definitely feel better, even after the extended workout, by doing it, so I’m gonna continue.

After leg day ( which is now on Tuesday morning) Tuesday nites and Wednesdays used to be nightmares.. couldn’t walk, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, headaches…

Now, with forced hydration during and after, added glutamine and HMB, I feel human on the day after.

I gotta remember to hydrate constantly during that recovery period, and force some protein immediately after.

I wish I could bring an electric fan… breathing cool air really does help extend my workouts.

My attitude has been hurting a bit since my last competition… I don’t feel like I had gained any strength in those six months, at least until these last couple of weeks.

Actually, I felt flat and weak in March.

I mean, I was pumped for it, and I figured I’d do really well.

Admittedly, I was up about 15-20 pounds over my normal weight, but I figured it might help. It didn’t.

I hung in, but really wasn’t in it — of course, I was 15 years older than the nearest competitor, and it didn’t help, but I still believe I can win, if I can get my mind and body right.

And I know I can.

I’ve been doing better, maybe since May.

Having to change gyms was at first a liability, but now, I think it mighta shocked me out of my old training patterns.

Adding deep dips has definitely improved my shoulders, and I’m really happy with how I look above the navel.

My chest is improving too, really good.

My right shoulder has been pretty consistently achey. I haven’t let up on it, though… and I’m glad I can’t see my grimacing when I’m working it. I bet it’s a pretty ugly sight.

Below the navel, well, I’m still carrying some of that extra baggage, ( I was up to 290 in February ) but I have been eating MUCH more carefully, cause Hilton Head is coming up, and I want to be down to below 250.

R is actin crazy again.. don’t know how the w/e is gonna go, but I’m bettin on extra gym time.

Matt is doing the Tampa competition TODAY.. it’s gonna be webcast, and I’m planning on being home in time to watch it.

I wanted to go, but the damned airline wanted 400 bucks, and with all the other crap going on, I couldn’t.

Fuck it.

I’m gonna keep training.
I’m gonna keep getting stronger.
I’m gonna make all those mooks and lopes in the new gym look like the pussies they very truly are.

It’s actually not that bad there…

I miss the old place, of course, but this place got almost all of the Hammer Strength implements I’m used to, and with the exception of that really ill-conceived hang and dip thingee, I can’t complain.

The staff has been very nice, maybe cause I agreed to help them get the Strongman comp going in the Spring, to replace the ZX event.

The other day, I see this goof eyeballing me on the leg press. I pay no mind, pull my hat down, and get my 45 reps at 13x45x2.

Next day, I go in, he’s on it, with almost my working weight on it ( think he had 10x45x2 on it), and moving it about 4 – 5 inches for 5 reps — like he was doing some exotic I dunno-what-the-fuck-it-was movement.

It seemed to me a lot of loading of weight just to do a couple very short-range calf extensions or whatever it was.

And of course, he leaves the weight on the machine for somebody else to take off.

I dunno what it is about the leg implements in there, though.

It seems to attract a special kinda mook.

Like the idiot doing split sets on the hack squat, linear squat and calf extension from two weeks ago…

I had finished my presses and wanted one of those implements — I didn’t much care which, but he had his stuff strewn across em all, and he was obviously tying em all up.

I killed time fooling around on the soleus machine, until I couldn’t stand it any more.

SPLIT SETS ON 3 MACHINES while others are waiting? Bullshit.

I just moved his shit off the hack squat, loaded it up, and climbed aboard.

You’re right, of course, I coulda been a gentleman, and asked him real nice if I could ‘work in’ ….

But I’m sick and tired of going out of my way for people who don’t practice common courtesy themselves.

Fuck em.

Hahahaahaha… so.. I saw him gapin at me from two implements over, as I loaded up.

And when he worked up the nerve to lope over, I looked directly at him as he came….

John was talking to me at the time… ” Here we go”, he says.

The guy gets to about 6 feet of me…. stops, thinks, kinda shrugs and then says : ” More Powah ” , takes his shit and moves.

No kiddin.

What the flamin fuck is THAT supposed to mean?



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