What is functional strength?

Brothers of the Iron

Functional strength, everyone wants it but no one knows what it actually is.  Some believe that is the stuff that crossfiters do.  Others feel it’s  just body weight movements.  When, IMO functional strength is strength that is functional to your daily life.


Take me for example.  By trade I am an union ironworker.  I build buildings, bridges and reenforce concrete structures.  It’s a hard, grueling and physcial trade.  Working 10-12 hours a day around heavy materials. My last job, about two weeks ago, we ere setting griders on a new bridge.  So I spent the entire week prepping bolts.  Spent all week around 200 lbs of bolts, nuts and washers.  prepping them, putting them in buckets(60-80 lbs each) and carrying them up ladders, to the connection site, etc.  Lots of farmers walks, strongman carries and chain carries(come along over my neck and back). One thing that I notice from…

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