I scared myself today

I dunno exactly how I got stuff mixed up in my head.

Lemme explain.

I pulled into the gym right on time today–

Wednesdays are kinda tricky, so I gotta git in there and get my workout in before the whole noon-time crowd jams in there.

I park my sled , take my helmet and headphones off, and am untying my gym-bag when I feel a jab between my shoulder blades.

I figure it’s one of my wise guy buddies from the gym, so I take my time turning around, and when I do, I got my eyes fixed laconically straight ahead.

Nobody there.

I look down, and there’s this little 4-foot-nuthin pregnant lady who doesn’t speak a word of English standing there, jabbering something in an unknown foreign tongue and waving a coat hanger.

Well, the obvious but rather grotesque ‘ look what you done to meI said no coat hangers ‘ jokes aside…

It took the Sherlock Holmes in me only about five minutes to determine that she had locked her keys in her Plymouth Voyager mini van, and she wanted me, who presumably looked like someone who could jimmy a lock, to, well, jimmy the lock.

Frankly, my first inclination was to tell her that I couldn’t speak a word of Northern Kalypuan and would never consider ever jimmying a lock even if I knew how ( ok, yes, I was gonna lie ) …..

But I didn’t know how to say all that in Northern Kalypuan, so I went and followed her to her car, trusty wire coat hanger in hand.

That mini van had to be the only Plymouth Voyager ever made that didn’t have a messed up weather seal around the door.. it was tight, man.

I worked on it for about 20 minutes until I finally got the verdammte thing to open… cussing under my breath the whole time about how it was messing up my workout and screwing around my schedule for the day.

So, anyway… when I got it open, I looked at her, and she has this expression that I’ve only seen in movies… like the chick who just rescued from the Gestapo by the guy in the rocket pack.


… maybe without the gag, the short skirt, and the Betty Page look-alike.

She was so happy and obviously relieved, that it made me forget the stuff I thought was so important a couple minutes ago.

My long be-labored point is that sometimes we all tend to over emphasize the importance of our routine in our daily activities…

Kindness can cost very little, and be a very big help.

People who are in need aren’t an interruption, but an opportunity to feel good about yourself and to make someone else happy.

And we should appreciate those times, and be more open to them.

Cause this poor ole world needs all shoulders to the wheel these days.



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