Today’s Musclehead Gym Words of Wisdom


Friends don’t let friends skip leg day !


7 thoughts on “Today’s Musclehead Gym Words of Wisdom

    • I’m assuming you now have 2 blogs because one is the Xanga 2.0? My husband has been extremely frustrated with the change over. How did you get access to your Xanga 2.0?

      • two blogs? I have a gym site and my main Muscleheaded site… are you seeing something else? as far as I know, Xanga 2.0 is still pretty much in the pipeline. let me know if you hear different, ok? thanks! 🙂

      • I’m coming up with two blogs I can sign into WP with. One is thirtythousanddays from Xanga and thirtythousanddaysblog which is WP. (That’s what I’m getting on you, too. One with blog after the name and one without.) I think at this point I’m sticking with the second one. As long as I have to learn a new operating system, it might as well be the actual site.

      • I agree completely… I haven’t seen that Xanga sign on offering yet, but I came in on my screen name.. I’ll have to try it to see what it does, but I’m here now, and I figure it the way you do.

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