Just another fitness center


So anyway….

I was on vacation last week, and finding a decent gym in a strange town is always a challenge…

But with the trend toward ‘fitness centers’, it’s really getting ridiculous.

A gym I used to love has gone that way, little did I know it, until I tried to work out there last week when I was in town…..

I walked in all ready for a kick-yer-head-in-workout only to find that the Hammer Strength plate loaded weight machines had all been replaced by shoddy old pin-loads with cables and pulleys.


so, y’all know what happened before I even tell ya, right?

I paid for a week’s visit, and ended up busting a cable on the first implement I worked with.

It was a lat pull down with a max of 150 pounds… and the damn cable snapped on my third rep with it.

No, I didn’t add any extra weight, wise guy.

Anyhoo…. it went WHHAAAAAAAAM, and the top two cast weights split.

It made such a racket it woke up the people on the cardio machines….
….. who all scowled at me like I was some kinda mad-meathead rapist or something.

Now, lemme say right now, that I realize that their shoddy equipment and maintenance of said shoddy equipment is not my fault —-

Still, I was too embarrassed to make another appearance there, so I had to find another place to work out for the week.

It’s a damn shame though, ’cause it used to be a pretty good gym.

I have NO idea what it is now .



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