Prolonging Muscle Contractions for Power

legdayI spent much of last month’s Mondays in the gym working out with an exercise physiologist…

I dunno how you get to be an exercise physiologist,

but I guess that’s not really important right now….

( I’ll have to ask that question one of these workouts… )

Anyhoo…. he introduced himself on a leg day in December, while I was on the leg press….

He said he’d like to work in, (lighter, of course) and see if he could put some of his ideas into practice.

We got to talking about it, and I decided to help him.

Now, I have no problem with this .. it seems to me that he and I both could benefit, if we can mutually find ways of improving power output and reducing recovery time.

He’ll probably get a study published or some such,
….. and me, well,
I’ll be happy if I just can add some additional power to my arsenal.

We’ve been working on prolonging muscle contractions to increase long term power — quadriceps in particular.

Basically– flexing your quads while slowing down your reps to a crawl.

Initially, I wasn’t happy about him taking almost 200 pounds off the sled on my first test set….

We ended up putting it back on for the 2 thru the 4th sets for a working weight of 1260 or so.

The slower rep added to the contraction really made my quads pop, tho.

I was really sore with DOMS for about 48 hours after, but four days later, my legs felt like they were ready to pull the jet.

( We do that in the fall, though. )

We’re gonna do some more testing for the next 4 weeks, and I’ll let you know the final results, but I can tell you now that it’s gonna be a net gain.

I can feel it in my quads.

Remember: DON’T SKIP LEG DAY !!!!


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