Cardio– first or last ?

kilt As so often happens in the world of fitness, there seems to be a contradiction in what experts think the best method of combining cardio and weight training into a single work out is….

I was at GNC on Saturday, in time to hear a clerk there tell a customer ( young male, 25 or so, 25%? body fat ) that cardio should never be done after resistance training.

And, that he should do cardio one day, and resistance training the next, and so on.

Alrighty– he’s not an expert, he’s a guy working at GNC.

But there are several studies that I have read, that basically said the same thing.

So, who to believe?

Well, this is one of them things that doesn’t have one right answer—

It gets back to knowing your body, understanding your workout, and determining the most efficient way to attain your goals.

I can tell you how I understand it….

There was a definitive Japanese study in 2005, that showed peak power was improved over a four month period by doing strength training FIRST , and then following that up with 30-45 minutes of cardio .

That has always worked for me.

But think about it — that’s for a person who trains for strength — I don’t give a hot damn about the mirror.

If you’re cutting, or on weight loss regimen, or trying to trim up for bikini season, I’d spend much time more time doing cardio— before and after resistance training.

More cardio at the 165-180 heart rate range is what will get you the results in this case .

Light resistance training, like in this example, is for toning, not for building and adding, muscle.

Sure, you can build muscle and do cardio, too — but it’s more in how you balance your workout — 40% of the workout might be cardio, and 60% might be heavier-resistance training.

I still say, though…. save cardio for the end.



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