Supplement Ingredients to Avoid

supplementsAnybody who has read this blog knows that I’m a dietary supplement fan of the highest order.

I’d rather do my own research, titrate and use a supplement than take a hundred prescription drugs…

I don’t trust most doctors (they don’t call it ‘practicing medicine’ for no reason, after all) to give a flip whether a drug is right for me or not;

…..and with the drug companies pushin all kinds of poisons these days just to make a buck, well, let’s just say I’d rather take the responsibility MYSELF.

With that said however, it’s important to realize the importance of knowing thy ingredients!

Many supplements are blends of different ingredients, theoretically working synergistically together; but sometimes this is not the case: it is up to the consumer to determine whether the ingredients in a supplement are safe and efficaceous.

If a product contains L-Tyrosine, you must know WHY it’s in there, and what it does.

And often , you will find a product with ingredients with no good purpose for inclusion, other than filling up the label with impressive looking gobbledy-gook.

Or worse – some products actually contain dangerous ingredients that will maim, cripple, kill, or just mess up yer day.

So, heres a short list of dangerous (or worthless) ingredients in supplements that I have recently spotted on labels.

Know your ingredients, and Caveat Emptor!

An ingredient that is sometimes found in “muscle volumizers” and “creatine-protein blends” is called Glycocyamine.

The main idea behind its supplementation is that it is converted to creatine by our bodies, so taking in more glycocyamine results in higher creatine and homocysteine levels.

Well, boosting homecysteine levels has been found to be VERY BAD, and the inclusion of it in these products has been shown to neurotoxic ; cause neural misfiring ; increased cardiovascular disease; increased free radicals and oxidation ; enzyme inhibition ; DECREASED muscle contraction, performance and strength. Who needs THAT?

Here’s a real bad one: Aristolochic Acid, sometimes called fang ji (Aristolochia fangchi), or wild ginger (Asarum canadense). It’s sold as part of some diet aids; it’s supposed to be a fat burner, but all it burns is your kidneys and liver….OUT. It also causes cancer – and worse: erectile dysfunction. OH NICE!

Kava Kava (Piper methysticum) is an herb included in supplements purported to promote relaxation, to reduce sleeplessness, and to relieve menopausal symptoms. (Hopefully, that isn’t a problem for you…) Whether or not kava actually does any of these things has not been adequately substantiated. Kava-containing products have been associated with hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver failure in over 25 reports of adverse events recently, four of these patients required liver transplants. The only good thing about it is you might sleep through all the operations you’ll have to have.

Other dangerous ingredients in “Fat Burners” and “Diet Aids” (and there’s a lot of them out there…) include:
Chaparral, Comfrey, Germander, Scullcap, all of which are known or likely causes of liver failure; Lobella because of its impact on the heart; and Pennyroyal Oil because of possible liver, kidney and nerve damage. None of these have any real effectiveness (for GYM RATS, anyway..) to outweigh their dangers.

One might also include ephedra – but NOT ME – Ephedra is certainly dangerous in the hands of idiots and those people sensitive to it, but it is also extremely effective, and, if used carefully, it’s benefits certainly outweigh it’s downside.

Also avoid HIGH DOSE herbs, mineral and vitamins in products like:

Vitamin A (in doses of 25,000 or more International Units a day)
Possible Health Hazards: birth defects, bone abnormalities, and severe liver disease

Vitamin B6 (in doses above 250 milligrams a day)
Possible Health Hazards: balance difficulties, nerve injury causing changes in touch sensation

Niacin (in slow-released doses of 1000 mg or more a day or immediate-release doses of 1500 mg or more a day)
Possible Health Hazards: range from stomach pain, vomiting, bloating, nausea, cramping, and diarrhea to liver disease, muscle disease, eye damage, and heart injury

Selenium (in doses of about 800 micrograms to 1,000 mcg a day)
Possible Health Hazards: tissue damage

Geranium (a nonessential mineral)
Possible Health Hazards: kidney damage, possibly death OR WORSE

L-trytophan (an amino acid)
Possible Health Hazards: eosinophilia myalgia syndrome, a potentially fatal blood disorder that can cause high fever, muscle and joint pain, weakness, skin rash, and swelling of the arms and legs

Gentian (sold as an appetite suppressant -actually an appetite stimulant )

Carveol (sold as a fat burner – it just doesnt work.)

Isopimpinellin (sold as a fat burner – it’s a coumarin – a blood thinner)

Diiodothyroacetic Acid – ( it’s a thyroid metabolite – causes increases in the retention of body fat )

Also remember to check the flavoring and sweeteners used:

AVOID Aspartame (Nutra-sweet, Equal, Spoonful)
Possible health hazards: retinal damage, anxiety, depression, confusion, headaches, forgetfulness and chronic fatigue disorder.
AVOID SOY proteins and/or soy derivatives whenever possible; unless you WANT to look like you should be wearing a tube top and heels.

Now, this list is BY NO MEANS all-inclusive; these are simply some of the ones I have seen recently. I will add more to the list as I see them or as readers send me the studies.

Check your labels carefully, and if you don’t know what a certain ingredient does—— ,

Email me, look it up, or ask somebody who knows.

Remember: It’s YOUR body.. take charge of it’s care and feeding!

(Note: this post and any other posts of mine are strictly for entertainment purposes only, and are not to be taken as medical advice or any other kind of fuckin advice for that matter… see your own doctor before entertaining any ideas of using any of this entertainment for your own entertainment. If you’re a minor, supplements aren’t for you.. you’ve still got growth issues and bone development things, and this stuff could interfere with all that shit and mess you up good….. , and you shouldn’t be reading this blog anyway, so don’t read another word…… just go get some exercise – play some ‘find the weasel’ with Sara Jane, play football or baseball – or if all else fails, Nintendo- but get off the Internet. Get it? Good.)

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