Guest post: “Strongman” – by Chris, from Muscleheaded

About Strongman !

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So here we are again… This week, Uncle Spike, a small weakling of a blogging farmer in rural Turkey, has a very special Guest Writer lined up for you; Chris from the blog: Muscleheaded – The Voice of Unreason, of whom I’m a regular follower I’m happy to admit. In this post, we are introduced to the world of the Strongman – you Spikey’s said you liked variety!




I have gotten several questions about the sport of Strongman…

…… what’s involved, what kinda weights and implements we use, etc.

And I thought it might be interesting if I took a stab at writing a post about it,

…… albeit from the perspective of an amateur, and now-retired (as for now, anyway) competitor.

Strongman competitions are held in most countries around the world….

…… under various sanctioning bodies and promoting federations.

The largest world body is called I.F.S.A…

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